RCGI researchers and professors from Poli-USP hosted the Vice Chancellor of Investigation and Research from the Chilean university during his visit to the laboratories

Professor Andrés Mansilla Muñoz, Vice Chancellor of Investigation and Research of the University of Magalhães, Chile, visited the headquarters of the FAPESP-Shell Research Centre for Gas Innovation (RCGI), last Thursday (July 20), as well as several laboratories of the Polytechnic School of the University of Paulo (Poli-USP). At RCGI, he was welcomed by Professor Rita Alves, who gave a presentation regarding the projects developed at the Centre. Professor Reinaldo Giudici, one of the Directors of RCGI’s Physicochemistry Program, was also present. Both are teachers at Poli-USP.

At the Polytechnic School, Muñoz visited the Numerical Test Tank (NTT), accompanied by Professor Kazuo Nishimoto; the Combustion Laboratory, where he was welcomed by Rafael Berti, Doctoral research assistant of Professor Carlos Guenther Krieger Filho; and the Dynamics and Fluids Core (DFC) Laboratory, in the company of Professor Cesar M. Freire.

During the entire visit, Muñoz was accompanied by Professor Henrique Lindenberg, of Poli’s International Relations Committee. “The purpose of Muñoz’s coming is to find areas and lines of research in which both universities can work together. That was why he also took part in a meeting at FAPESP and another at the USP Agency for National and International Academic Cooperation (AUCANI), before visiting Poli,” Lindenberg explained.

According to him, Muñoz already is well-acquainted with USP. “But his area is biology. Since it was suggested that Poli be included in the joint research proposals between the University of Magalhães and USP, with an emphasis on renewable energy sources, he came to see the Polytechnic School, its laboratories, and the initiatives in which Poli is participating, like the RCGI.”