Speaker will deal with the recent bills sent to Congress on this subject

This coming Wednesday, March 27, at 2:00 p.m., the workshop “The Expansion Fund of Gas Pipelines for Transporting and Delivering Production: legislative proposals and their possible effects.” The event is organized by Project 21 of the FAPESP Shell Research Centre for Gas Innovation (RCGI), which created a tool, the RCGILex, for gathering and analyzing Brazilian and São Paulo legislation regarding natural gas. The workshop is open to the public and will be held at the Dynamics and Fluids Center (NDF) of the USP Polytechnic School (Poli-USP), in the Capital City, and registration can be made, at no charge, to the e-mail: rcgi.lex@usp.br.

The subject will be presented by Israel Lacerda de Araújo, geologist and legislative consultant to the Federal Senate. According to him, in recent weeks, at least three proposals to create an accounting fund for financing the expansion of natural gas transportation infrastructure were submitted for discussion by the Brazilian legislature: a Bill for converting the Provisional Measure No. 817/2017 (DUTOBRAS); a Bill for substituting Law No. 6.407/2016, presented by the then-secretary reporter, Congressman Marcelo Squassoni, at the end of 2018; and a Bill for substituting Law No. 10.985/2018, which modifies the pre-salt legal framework and creates BRASDUTO.

“All of the proposals seek to link a portion of the petroleum income of the Government to the expansion of the network of pipelines for transporting and delivering natural gas in order, a priori, to allow the use of natural resources coming from the area of pre-salt petroleum. However, they lack observations regarding the effects, in terms of capturing income and developing the natural gas sector,” Araújo summarizes, emphasizing that the objective of the event is to contribute to subjecting the topic to academic debate.

“I consider the proposal of the RCGILex team that there be academic discussion to be relevant and I see this event as an opportunity for us to discuss the content of those legislative proposals (Bills) and the benefits that they can bring to the development of the country’s natural gas industry,” states Professor Hirdan Katarina de Medeiros Costa, the RCGILex Coordinator.

About Israel Lacerda de Araújo: Geologist (2008) and Master’s in Applied Geosciences from the University of Brasília (2012), an expert in Legislative Law from the Brazilian Legislative Institute (2016) and Doctoral Candidate in the Postgraduate program in Energy of the Institute for Energy and the Environment of the University of São Paulo (PPGE-IEE/USP). He is a Legislative Consultant to the Federal Senate in the area of Mining and Energy (Economic Center).

Workshop: “The Expansion Fund of Gas Pipelines for Transporting and Delivering Production: legislative proposals and their possible effects.”
Place: Dynamics and Fluids Center in the Mechanical and Naval Engineering Building of Poli-USP (Av. Professor Mello Moraes, 2231, Cidade Universitária, São Paulo).
Date: March 27, 2019
Time: 2:00 p.m.
Registration: rcgi.lex@usp.br