The 21st season of the program “Interview”, on Canal Futura Play, is on air. Among the 13 respondents of the edition are the director of the Research Center for Gas Innovation, professor Julio Romano Meneghini, and the deputy director of the of the Energy Policy & Economics Programme, professor Suani Coelho.

Professor Julio addressed research on the production of vehicle engines powered by clean energy sources, in particular natural gas, biogas and hydrogen.

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Professor Suani, on the other hand, talked about biogas research and studies about ways to solve the problem of waste disposal by converting it into raw material for energy production.

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This series is featuring several characters not so well known to the general public but who play an extremely important role in the brazilian science. They produce cutting-edge knowledge as well as practical solutions to our problems to improve our lives, ”said physician and researcher Paulo Saldiva, the interviewer.


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