RCGI includes projects that investigate the technological, scientific and market to a greater use of natural gas in the Brazilian energy matrix and as fuel for transportation. It concerns the development of new-generation thermal power plants, problems involving the transportation and storage of natural gas, as well as key topics for the success of gas as a premium fuel for the 21st century.

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Project 1 - Development of an advanced natural gas burner using the oxy-fuel concecpt
Project 2 - Laboratory of advanced combustion diagnostics
Project 3 - Advanced systems for the use of mixed gas and diesel in internal combustion engines for methane emission mitigation
Project 4 - Feasibility/conceptual designs of energy efficient and environmentally friendly vessels with natural gas as a fuel
Project 5 - Design and optimization of storage systems by adsorption for natural gas
Project 6 - Optimization based on the adjoint method for natural gas storage systems
Project 7 - Hybrid power systems for ships
Project 8 - Modeling and numerical simulation
Project 9 - Studies of the application of laser (lidar) for atmospheric pollution measurements
Project 10 - Design optimization of labyrinth seals
Project 29 - Hybrid Vehicle Powered by Gasoline, Natural Gas or Bio-methane