Projects of RCGI aim to produce elements to support and encourage federal, state and municipal policies for an effective insertion of natural gas in the energy systems. First focusing on the Brazilian context, the research scope will also expand to the global context, in particular to emerging countries.

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Project 21 - Creation of the Brazilian and São Paulo Legal Service of Natural Gas
Project 22 - Benchmark Studies on CO2 abatement in the Natural Gas industry – Standardization, quantification methodologies, and protocols for energy savings and CO2 abatement
Project 23 - Brazilian inventory of greenhouse gases and scenarios for reducing emissions related to natural gas
Project 24 - Estimation of price elasticities and income of Natural Gas in Brazil
Project 25 - Integrated Sustainability Analysis of Natural Gas as a Transportation Fuel in Heavy-Duty Vehicles - The Paulista Blue Corridor
Project 26 - Evaluation of small LNG and CNG supply options for transportation to off-grid locations; and planning expansion and operation of multimodal integrated networks
Project 27 - The Biomethane's contribution prospects to increase the supply of Natural Gas
Project 28 - Analysis of the potential household use of gas integrated to electricity system in the city of São Paulo