RCGI includes projects that investigate management, transport, storage and and usage of CO2.

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Project 30: Innovative process for CO2 conversion to high added value chemicals and fuels based on hybrid catalysts
Project 31 - Production of organic molecules from CO2 and H2O by photocatalysis in nano-oxides
Project 32 - Modeling, simulation and optimization studies on innovative CO2 conversion technologies
Project 33 - Passive acoustic monitoring system for CO2 leakage detection
Project 34 - Feasibility studies and simulations regarding the construction of salt caverns for CO2/CH4 capture, storage and separation in the pre-salt layer of Brazil
Project 35 - Detection of leaking CH4 and CO2 gases in the sea fund using ultrasound images with multiple elements
Project 36 - Carbon geological storage in Brazil: Perspectives for CCS in unconventional petroleum reservoirs of onshore paraná sedimentary basin and in turbidites from offshore sedimentary basins in southeast Brazil
Project 37 - Simulation and optimization of CO2 compressors and mixture of CO2 and CH4 in supercritical condition
Project 38 - High efficiency ejector for gas compression
Project 39 - Development of gas supersonic separators – optimisation, numerical simulation and experiments
Project 40 - Corrosion behavior study and / or degradation in aquosa solution with CO2 in the absence and presence of contaminants (NOX, SOX and H2S) of materials used in the transport of supercrytic CO2 (SCCO2)
Project 41 - Numerical simulations of internal flow in ducts carrying CO2, CH4 and oil employing molecular dynamics
Project 42 - Environmental impact assessment of CCS activities in Brazil and Legal Aspects
Project 43 - Determination of fundamental properties of gaseous mixtures of interest for the gas and oil industry in the presence of complex fluids (research and development laboratory for supercritical fluids, oil and natural gas)
Project 44 - Laboratory for tests of supersonic gas separator technologies – Infrastructure
Project 45 - Laboratory for the characterization of physical chemical properties of CO2, oil and natural gas in sub and supercritical conditions – Infrastructure