The lessons with professor Dongsheng Wen shall address the scientific advances in nanotechnology as applied to energy.

Researcher Dongsheng Wen, a Chair Professor of the School of Chemical and Process Engineering at the prestigious University of Leeds, in the United Kingdom, shall be at the School of Engineering of the University of São Paulo (POLI-USP) between 22 August and 2 September to give the course on Nanotechnology and Energy Applications (PME 5427), aimed at graduate students at the School of Engineering of USP, and similar areas.

He is a visiting professor at the Research Centre for Gas Innovation (RCGI), based at POLI. Enrolments shall be made up to the week before the start of the course, at the student’s original Secretariat. A total of 30 places are offered.

The applications of nanotechnology to engineering, particularly in thermal engineering, are a new field that is emerging. “The field of application of nanotechnology has grown systematically over the last few years in several different areas of knowledge. This course seeks to establish and nurture interest in this issue, for the application thereof in heat and energy processes”, highlights professor José R. Simões Moreira, of the Alternative Energy Systems Laboratory (SISEA) of the Mechanical Engineering Department at POLI.

This programme was put together in a way that presents basic and fundamental concepts of nanotechnology to the students, with a view to the application thereof in the fields of thermal engineering and energy. It is hoped that, at the end of the course, the participants become familiar not only with the key concepts, but also with the possible applications of nanotechnology, and that they may use this knowledge in their professional lives.

Who is Dongsheng Wen?

A graduate from the University of Aeronautics and Astronautics of Beijing, with a master’s degree obtained at Tsinghua University and a doctorate from Oxford University, professor Dongsheng Wen researches a large spectrum involving Engineering and Nanotechnology, and is a leader among the scientists who work in the field of nanomaterials for applications in the Energy and Medical fields. Among the research themes he is currently working on, there are the following: nanotechnology applied to the oil and gas segment; nanofluids for the intensification of heat transfer; nanofuels for energy storage; nanowaves for medical applications; and nanoscale flow and heat transfer.

His research has also received support from the European Union through partnership agreements with industrial companies, for a total of 30 projects, including support from the European Research Council Consolidator Grant, that approved a cash injection of EUR 2 million for his projects. He also leads a multidisciplinary team of researchers that involves over 20 doctoral and post-doctoral students, and has published over 140 technical and scientific articles with more than 3,600 mentions.

Below, please check out the topics of the course to be given by professor Wen at POLI-USP:

  • Introduction: nanotechnology, nanoparticles, and colloid systems;
  • Nanoparticle engineering: production, characterisation and properties;
  • Nanoparticle-fluid system: fundamentals, stability, DLVO theory etc;
  • Nanoparticle-fluid system applications:
  1. Heat transfer intensification;
  2. Efficient solar energy capture (including solar desalination + refrigeration);
  3. Energy storage and nanofuels;
  4. Oil and gas exploration and production;
  5. Environmental remediation.