On May 4th, the director of the RCGI’s Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) program, Liane Marcia Rossi, took office at the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC) as a full member of the Chemical Sciences chair.

RCGI is proud to count, in its network of researchers and directors, with Professor Liane, one of the greatest scientists in her field of activity, at an international level. And now, we are very happy with this important milestone in his career.

By occupying this position at ABC, Professor Liane will certainly contribute even more to national science, she who is an advocate for the greater presence of women in high levels of leadership.

“It was a very beautiful ceremony where a woman was sworn in as president of ABC for the first time in 106 years. And there was the inauguration of several other women, it was very emotional. It was the first time that, among the new members, we had an equal number of women and men. I think we get a lot of attention as part of the RCGI and I’m already reaping some fruits”, said the researcher.

*This event is linked to SDG number 5 – Gender Equality.