RCGILEX Event: "Launch of Synergia series e-books GASBRAS"

16 DECEMBER 2021

RCGILEX Event: Launch of the e-book “The New Gas Market in Brazil”

06 DECEMBER 2021

ISE Satellite Student Regional Symposium on Electrochemistry - 15th PTASchool of Electrochemistry

06 DECEMBER 2021

RCGLEX Lecture: “Lessons from COP26 for Brazil”

29 NOVEMBER 2021

Release of "CO2 Offshore Storage Plataform"

19 OCTOBER 2021

Launch of the new RCGI programs

08 OCTOBER 2021

Shell Talks: "Brazilian Technology on the Journey Towards Decarbonization"

04-06 OCTOBER 2021

RCGILex Lecture: "Electric vehicles in the context of Brazil and the world"


RCGILex Lecture: "The search for sustainability: opportunities in the oil and gas chain"

30 AUGUST 2021

SciBiz Conference - XIX Triple Helix Conference

17 JUNE 2021

Abrinstal Event - 10th Energy Management and Economy Forum

09 JUNE 2021

Lecture on the report: “Net-Zero America: potential pathways, infrastructure and impacts” (Princeton University)

11 FEBRUARY 2021

Launch of the book: "Opportunities Challenges of Natural Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas in Brazil"