Offered for the first time in the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program of the Escola Politécnica (School of Engineering) of the University of São Paulo (Poli-USP), the discipline Nanotechnology for Energy Applications congregated about 15 students, both regular and listeners. The course was taught by visiting Professor Dongsheng Wen, from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom, between August 22 and 30, integrating the activities of the Research Centre for Gas Innovation – RCGI, of the SISEA (Laboratory of Alternative Energy Systems)Course and of the Mechanical Engineering graduate program of Poli.

Prof. Wen’s visit allowed straightening the bonds between Poli and the University of Leeds. “The discipline will be offered again next year. Besides, we intend to seek official financing sources for cooperation in joint scientific investigation projects, including student exchange,” advances Professor José R. Simões Moreira, from Poli, who invited Professor Wen.

Nanotechnology applied to the oil, gas and renewable energy sectors is only one of the themes investigated by the visitor, an acknowledged expert in the area of nanomaterials e nanotechnology for energy and medical applications. His laboratory developed capacity not only to produce nanoparticles with specific ends, but also to characterize them and to determine their non-usual properties.