Julio Romano Meneghini

Full Professor / PhD, DIC

RCGI Scientific Director

University of São Paulo / Escola Politécnica / Dept. Mechanical Engineering

Phone: +55 11 2648 6226


Full Professor of Applications and Principles in Mechanical Engineering, Escola Politécnica, University of São Paulo, PhD in Aeronautics, Imperial College – University of London (1993). DIC-Diploma of Imperial College in Aeronautical Engineering (1993). Livre Docente in Fluid Mechanics, University of São Paulo – USP (2002). Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, USP (1989). He has a first degree in Physics (BSc) from Instituto de Física, USP (1989) and in Civil Engineering (EEM, 1984). He holds a CNPq’s fellowship (PQ) Level 1B.

He has been working in research projects in Aeronautical, Mechanical, Naval and Oceanic Engineering, as coordinator or consultant. His main areas of interest are investigations focusing on vortex shedding, vortex- induced vibration, computational fluid dynamics, bluff body flow and aeroacustics. He worked as Research Associate at the Department of Aeronautics-Imperial College in 1995. Since 1994, he is an academic member of staff of the Mechanical Engineering Department of Escola Politécnica of University of São Paulo (EPUSP).

He is the Scientific Director of the Research Centre for Gas Innovation (RCGI), sponsored by FAPESP- SHELL. He is the coordinator of the Fluid & Dynamics Research Group (NDF) at EPUSP. He is the author or co-author of more than 130 papers published. He has been coordinating research projects sponsored by Petrobras, Shell, Embraer, Fapesp, Finep/CTPetro, CNPq/CTPetro, Voith-Siemens, British Petroleum (BP), Oxiteno and BG-Group. He was appointed in July 2017 a Full Member of the Academy of Sciences of São Paulo State – “Academia de Ciências do Estado de São Paulo” – ACIESP.

He is currently responsible for the undergraduate courses of Fluid Mechanics II and Aerodynamics at EPUSP. He is also responsible for the post-graduation courses of Vortex Shedding, Flow-induced Vibration, Hydrodynamic Stability and Molecular Dynamics (Nano and Microfluid flow) at EPUSP.