Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Process & Technologies for Brazilian Market

September 22nd

This event aims at providing opportunities for students and researchers of USP and other institutions, especially for São Paulo State, to discuss issues related to CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) process & technologies for the near future for Brazil. The main objective of this proposal is topromote knowledge and cooperation mode betweenseveral sectors (government, academia, private & public companies) related to natural gas technologiesand each participant will show topics related to this theme and have planned to develop those technologies & utilizations. The event will invite several faculties members and professionals from several place of Brazil and from Japan & England.


Date: September 22nd

Time: 8h30 am – 04h30 pm

Anfiteatro do Edificio Mario Covas
Escola Politécnica

Avenida Professor Gualberto, 03
Cidade Universitária – São Paulo/SP
CEP 05508-010