To develop research and innovation for the sustainable use of natural gas, biogas, hydrogen and management, transport and storage of CO2 on a global scale. To spread awareness and awake Brazil and other countries to the economic and energetic potential of natural gas and hydrogen.


To be a world reference centre for fundamental and applied research related to natural gas, biogas, hydrogen and management, transport and storage of CO2 and their contributions to the sustainability of the 21st century.

Programmes & Projects


RCGI includes projects that investigate the technological, scientific and market to a greater use of natural gas in the Brazilian energy matrix and as fuel for transportation. It concerns the development of new-generation thermal power plants, problems involving the transportation and storage of natural gas, as well as key topics for the success of gas as a premium fuel for the 21st century.


RCGI gathers projects focused on natural gas conversion into chemicals with high added value. The research projects in this area are focused on chemical and biochemical synthesis routes, proofs of concept, development of catalysts, modeling and process optimization. Also technological applications will be considered, such as development of fuel cells, solar energy and ceramic membranes. Associate researches are related to the production of biogas from biomass derived from ethanol production.


RCGI aims at producing elements to support and encourage federal, state and municipal policies for an effective insertion of natural gas in the energy systems. First focusing on the Brazilian context, the research scope will also expand to the global context, in particular to emerging countries.

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